I got the oppotunity to try car photography when two of my closest friends  invited me to photograph their newly restored Volkswagen.  I chose the location at the Coastal Road in Dumangas, Iloilo.  Timmy Salazar and Lyndon Cuadra are the owners of these gorgeous VWs and are members of the Volkswagen Club of the Philippines – Iloilo Chapter.

volks_cureymit04.jpgFrom left: Timmy Salazar and Lyndon Cuadra


Timmy’s Baby:

volks_ymit01.jpg          volks_ymit03.jpg          volks_ymit02.jpg


Lyndon’s Pride & Joy:

volks_cure03.jpg          volks_cure02.jpg          volks_cure01.jpg


Together forever  🙂

volks_cureymit06.jpg          volks_cureymit02.jpg          volks_cureymit01.jpg

The photographs in the gallery are for sale.  All Photos are sized 600×400 pixels optimized at 50% quality and are intended for viewing only.  The photos cannot be used in anyway without the approval of the owner.

For those interested to use them for calendars, websites, annual reports, posters, yearbooks, etc., you can e-mail me at junsphoto@gmail.com for inquiries.  High resolution images are available.


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